Ecommerce Case Study Results

+104%Increased Revenue


+70%Increased Conversions

+2.27%Increased Site Speed

Prosci Experience

“Swarming Tech has always been very solutions-oriented, and we enjoy working with their team. Because they specialize in Magento and had Magento-certified developers, we felt very confident that Swarming could get the job done.”

Clinton Hailey, Director of Global Marketing, Prosci

The Challenge

Prosci Inc. is a global leader in change management solutions, training and research. Since 1994, their passionate team has focused on helping organizations manage the “people side” of change through training programs, advisory services, and benchmarking research studies grounded in the Prosci Methodology and renowned ADKAR Model. Prosci sells its products and solutions in both B2B and B2C markets, focusing ecommerce primarily on B2C sales. Customers range from Fortune 500 companies and government organizations to small business owners and individual change practitioners. Prosci’s customer base continues to grow on a global scale.

Starting in 2010, when the change management industry expanded and Prosci’s customer base began seeking new ways to engage, Prosci realized they were quickly outgrowing their existing online offering. The ecommerce capability of their Magento website was limited, and the coding contained bugs and inefficiencies that led to poor site performance and an inferior user experience. Prosci wanted a new solutions partner with Magento expertise to help them create a more modern ecommerce solution for customers. Prosci requested:

  • Custom Magento development for their website
  •  Redirects to multi-regional sites to accommodate global partners
  • Internal admin tools to streamline orders and program logistics
  • HubSpot and Salesforce integrations for better customer relationship management
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The Solution

In pursuit of an improved online user experience, Prosci asked Swarming Technology to help them better understand their current ecommerce infrastructure. Through a Magento site audit, Swarming assessed the functionality and quality of the existing website, and provided Prosci with a development roadmap containing recommendations for ecommerce solutions that would meet their specific business needs. To achieve the maximum potential of these solutions, Swarming recommended migrating Prosci’s existing website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 because the newer version offers increased performance capacity and better accommodates customization.

As part of a larger migration initiative, the Swarming team worked with Prosci to identify and create several new custom features for their website, starting with specialized cart restrictions, which create a better user experience and ensure that customers order only the products they need before training events. Prosci also needed the ability to send onboarding “welcome” emails to customers after training program registration, payment and confirmation. Swarming created Magento email templates for the welcome email series and a custom product attribute enabling each training product to be assigned a generic or unique welcome email message. We also built out a global training schedule page that shows training sessions by region around the world. Creating other unique features, such as geographic restrictions, routing and visibility, would help ensure that customers accessed the right landing page for each geographic location to accommodate differences in pricing and offerings.

In addition to building new custom features to improve the user experience, Prosci needed to improve the internal marketing team’s user experience. The existing website functionality limited their ability to make quick changes to website content, so Swarming created a direct integration with the award-winning HubSpot CMS to enable the team to make front-end updates without the need for development time. As a full-service sales and marketing application, HubSpot also offered Prosci new methods for customer interaction, including a smart content feature, which displays different versions of website content according to user variables, such a geographic location, device type, and lead stage. This enables a marketing team to funnel a diverse, global customer base to product offerings on the website to match the customer’s physical location.

Finally, to complement their new website content functionality, Prosci needed to build a more efficient process for collecting and organizing customer registration data. The existing process required staff members to manually transfer this information from their Magento store to their Salesforce account, requiring countless hours of meticulous work. Integrating their new Magento 2 installation with Salesforce would enable Prosci to automate these data transfers and move customers through the sales funnel more efficiently and in an organized way.

The Results

Prosci continues to partner with Swarming to keep ecommerce operations running smoothly. As part of a continuous delivery engagement, the Swarming development team actively maintains security and compliance standards and provides issue resolutions, feature enhancements, module updates, and quarterly Magento updates. Swarming also services larger development initiatives, such as business unit launches and workflow enhancements, as well as providing general ecommerce consulting to the internal Prosci team.

Since engaging with us, Prosci has seen a 104% increase in revenue. Alongside that rapid growth, website improvements contributed to a 70% increase in conversions, 90% transaction growth, and a 2.27% increase in site speed. The enhanced Prosci website is another example of Swarming Technology’s ability to rescue a project in need of greater ecommerce expertise and create a long-lasting partnership based on shared expectations and a desire for long-term success.

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