Ecommerce Support Service

Refine your existing Magento, Shopify, or BigCommerce online store.

Whether you’re looking to drive more sales, create a better customer experience or empower your internal team with a new business system, Swarming Technology’s ecommerce team will guide you through the vast array of ecommerce support and solutions. We’ll partner with your team to understand your organization’s long-term goals and help you:

  • Optimize user experience
  • Increase online conversion rates
  • Integrate with ERPs, CRMs, and other business systems
  • Bolster the website security and compliance
  • Streamline ecommerce management processes

Why Choose a Dedicated Ecommerce Support Team?

Focus on the bigger picture of your ecommerce business, and have Swarming cover the technical. With a top notch ecommerce support team to keep you out of the weeds, we have a “continuous development” approach instead of general ecommerce support. We’re here to help you solve your challenges, help you grow, and continue to develop your site.

  • Custom Ecommerce Support Packages

    Flexible contracts to custom tailor packages to best fit your needs. By focusing on your unique ecommerce service support, we’re here to understand your business for when you need us for maintenance or urgent matters.

  • Ecommerce Project Management Support

    You’ll have a dedicated project manager who is here to help you manage your backlog. Your continuous development project manager acts as a liaison between you and the developers to ensure tasks are turned into solutions.

  • Extended Ecommerce Operations Team

    Managing ecommerce operations can be exhausting - Let Swarming operate as an extension of your existing team. As your ecommerce partner, we’ll work with you and multiple parties, from IT to accounting to sales to marketing, to set up the best type of management for you.



Understand Your Business

During your initial conversation with Swarming Technology, we’ll discuss your organization’s current ecommerce site and better understand areas we can improve your online offering. Whether you have a specific project in mind or you’re just looking to enhance the overall site, Swarming will partner with your internal team to make the website a more efficient and valuable asset to your company.


Review Current Site

In order for us to make the best possible recommendation for your organization, Swarming’s team of ecommerce engineers will review the current state of your consumer-facing site as well as it’s backend architecture. The site audit process includes a thorough review of your web environment as well as a technology roadmap document that lists our team’s initial findings and recommended action plan.


Partner with Swarming

There are a variety of different approaches to improving an ecommerce site. Whether you’re looking to engage in a streamlined project approach or a continuous development roadmap, Swarming Technology will partner with you to effectively add value to your ecommerce offering. Our team of conscientious project managers will actively consult with your team to help them understand the best possible avenue to maximize results.

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