Why is Strategic Ecommerce Planning is Important?

There’s never been a better time. In 2019, worldwide ecommerce sales exceeded $3 billion dollars. This number is expected to surpass $4 billion dollars in 2020. While there’s certainly a lot to consider before investing in ecommerce, we’re here to help. Ecommerce strategy assessment plans to:

  • Generate new revenue streams with an online store
  • Leverage your online presence to reach more customers
  • Make internal processes more efficient
  • Gain analytical insights into what your customers truly desire

An Ecommerce Strategy to Reach Your Business Goals

Lead your B2B or B2C industry with the best ecommerce strategies and experts

Whether you're new to ecommerce or your internal team is looking for guidance, there is a custom ecommerce plan. By working with you in quarterly planning sessions your team will understand the best ecommerce strategies and have a long-term ecommerce plan for your business to stand out against the competition.

  • Small to Large Scale Ecommerce

    Understand your online competition and how your organization can be successful. Whether you have an established site or you’re just starting out in ecommerce, our team will help your online business grow.

  • Custom Ecommerce Development Plan

    Whether a custom feature to help you stand out or working through a critical support issue, Swarming has the experts ready to jump in.

  • Ecommerce Continuous Improvement

    A dedicated project management team will partner with you to develop a technology roadmap that’s designed to grow your ecommerce plan at a pace that makes the most sense.

Ecommerce Strategy Plan Process


Initial Assessment

Our initial assessment on bringing your business online is a lot like a first date, we’re just trying to get to know you. We’ll help identify what type of online store makes the most sense for your organization and help you understand the many benefits of investing in ecommerce.


Discovery Process

When things start getting serious, it’s time to meet the family. It’s critical to discuss how ecommerce will impact your business at every level. We want to learn how sales, marketing, customer service, and fulfillment will all work together to create the ideal web experience for internal efficiency and customer engagement.


On-going Support

We’re not clingy, but we’re in it for the long-haul. After completing your new ecommerce store, we’ll be there when you’re looking to improve your site with new features that drive sales and increase customer engagement. We’ll also keep you up-to-date on new software upgrades and be ready to dive-in on any support issues.

Let's develop your ecommerce roadmap
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