Ecommerce Security for Your Magento Store

While the world of ecommerce is constantly evolving, it’s tough for any business to stay on top of each new trend. Search engines are continually updating their algorithms and hackers are finding new ways to access sensitive data. By partnering with Swarming’s Continuous Development team, you won’t need to worry about keeping tabs on everything ecommerce. The Continuous Development team will help your organization:

  • Improve the UX and performance of your Magento site
  • Audit your Magento site code and hosting infrastructure
  • Develop a technical roadmap to enhance your Magento site and grow your ecommerce business
  • Protect your customer’s sensitive data

Ecommerce Compliance

Needing extra team support for ecommerce data protection and privacy?

Protect your business’s sensitive information and drive more ecommerce conversions by extending your internal team with Swarming. Whether you have an internal team that’s looking for extra support or you need a partner to maintain and drive your ecommerce offering, the Continuous Development team is ready to keep you up-to-date within your ecommerce industry.

  • Detailed Code Audit

    To get the most out of your engine, let’s see what’s under the hood. By diving into your ecommerce architecture, we’ll to find out how we can get the most out of your site. Upon a comprehensive review, we'll provide you a roadmap of immediate and long-term recommendations.

  • Flexible Ecommerce Retainer Packages

    When you're managing an ecommerce site, sometimes security ends up in the back of your mind. How to stay up-to-date? A dedicated security team will consistently keep you up-to-date on new security changes and potential threats facing your ecommerce business.

  • Expert Ecommerce Security Team

    When you're managing an ecommerce site, sometimes security ends up being deprioritized. You know it's important, but how can you possibly stay on top of it? Keep up-to-date with new security enhancements and potential threats facing the ecommerce world. Protect your company's sensitive information.

Ecommerce Security & Compliance Process


Understand Your Business

Whether you have specific pain point you’re struggling with or you’re just looking to enhance the overall site, Swarming will partner with your internal team to make the website a more efficient and valuable asset to your company.


Review Current Site

In order for us to make the best possible recommendation for your organization, Swarming’s team of e-commerce engineers will review the current state of your consumer-facing site as well as its backend architecture. We’ll learn if the site has any critical security flaws and identify any user experience issues bogging down the site.


Partner with Swarming

Whether you’re looking to engage in a streamlined project approach or a continuous development roadmap, Swarming Technology will partner with you to effectively add value to your e-commerce offering. Our team of conscientious project managers will actively consult with your team to help them understand the best possible avenue to maximize results.

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