Why Choose BigCommerce for your Ecommerce Business?

BigCommerce Services

BigCommerce is an open-source SaaS platform that is suitable for businesses at all stages of ecommerce growth. In addition to being reliable and easy to use, BigCommerce is flexible and offers a variety of features. BigCommerce can help merchants sell more at every stage of growth. There are many benefits to using BigCommerce including low TCO, powerful performance, integrated marketing features, and is built for growth.


With the low, flat-rate pricing of BigCommerce, you can financially plan without any surprises. In addition, BigCommerce supplies an assigned implementation project manager so that your ecommerce business can stay on track through launch. And lastly, automatic platform updates, enhancements, and feature releases are no extra cost or website downtime.

Powerful Performance

BigCommerce is a powerful platform that can scale with you as your ecommerce business grows. BigCommerce boasts industry-leading uptime at 99.99% backed by SLAs. This is above the 99.5% industry average. The platform also has unlimited bandwidth on Google Cloud- making it the fastest, most flexible and secure global hosting provider. BigCommerce also has a security and authentication certification from Coalfire ISO/IEC 270021. This is the international gold standard.

bigCommerce Marketing Features

BigCommerce has several marketing features integrated within the platform. These features will aid in expanding your business and driving online sales. BigCommerce optimizes page architecture and navigation to boost SEO. They also optimize SEO through canonical tags, meta descriptions, URL structure, Google AMP and more. The abandoned cart saver feature can help recover as much as 15% of lost sales. You also have the ability to add coupons to the abandoned cart feature to increase conversions. BigCommerce has a unique faceted search to provide a rich experience to users and uses dynamic filtering to help customers find exactly what they are looking for. Built-in discounting allows you to grow sales with promotions and coupons to win new customers and reward existing customers. And lastly, BigCommerce allows omnichannel marketing that can be integrated with multiple POS providers.

Built for growth

BigCommerce is a robust platform that can transform and be added on to fit every stage of ecommerce growth.  Even though the technology is simple for users, the platform is also rich in features and add-ons. There are over 600 vetted 3rd party applications to fit your every need. Programs range from high-end rewards programs to ERP connectors. Additionally, BigCommerce has 100+ API endpoints with industry-leading 400 API calls per second, accompanied by comprehensive documentation. With so many applications and APIs, BigCommerce has the flexibility to grow with your ecommerce business.

Whatever stage your ecommerce business is at, the BigCommerce experts at Swarming Technology are here to help you grow. Our developers have a variety of experience from website builds, support, security, API integrations, extension installations and more.

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