When to Choose Custom Magento Development

Custom Magento Development

Custom Magento development is a great way to elevate your ecommerce business and stand apart from competitors. Knowing when to make the change to custom Magento development can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. The professionals at Swarming are here to help take your ecommerce business to the next level with custom Magento development.

Your Unique Products May Need Custom Extension Development

The ability to highlight your company’s most profitable products can bolster your sales and revenue. Custom features such as 3-D modeling, interactive views, and more can bring out the best in your products and create a rich customer experience. At Swarming, we develop unique, custom features to help clients showcase their unique products and increase sales. For example, Swarming developed a custom “Instant Estimator” tool for Magento to double sales and convert 50% more leads. Check out more about custom solutions to highlight unique products here.

Be the Best in Your Ecommerce Industry

Custom development has a plethora of benefits including smoother operations and less downtime, custom branding, increased user experience and more. All of the benefits of custom development can keep your competition at bay and your customers wanting more. Less downtime and time spent debugging means more time that your ecommerce website is open for business. Custom development can also increase customer experience significantly. Creating a unique, one-of-a-kind shopping experience will keep your customers engaged with your brand. Custom Magento development can also aid in streamlining tasks for your internal team. Leaving the hard work for a development agency frees up your team to focus on more important tasks for your business.

Scale Your Ecommerce Operations

Has your business recently started booming and you have a need to quickly scale your operations? Custom Magento development can provide the necessary solutions to help optimize your ecommerce logistics by integrating with your existing ERP system. Swarming has worked with clients to help scale ecommerce operations through hosting configuration and site optimization fixes. For example, Swarming completed a rescue project where the client was able to increase customer conversions and has seen a 42% average order value increase, 89% traffic increase, and 190% faster load times. This client has been able to scale their ecommerce operations through custom Magento development with the help of Swarming. Read more about how Swarming has optimized ecommerce operations here.

Align brand with Custom Theme Development

Modern, custom branding helps customers recognize your brand and keep them coming back. Swarming has significant experience in custom theme development on Magento. Our team of front-end developers also has experience taking pre-built themes and optimizing them for your specific needs. These pre-built themes, such as Hyvä, can provide a variety of benefits. Hyvä provides front-end customizable themes on Magento that aid in page load speed and SEO. Be the envy of your competition with custom theme development to brand your business. Whether it is a custom-built theme or a modified Hyvä theme, our certified team has the necessary experience to boost SEO and optimize your Magento website.

If you are ready to make the change to custom Magento development and transform your ecommerce business, talk with the Swarming development experts about Magento services today. We are here to provide solutions to help you showcase your business and make your ideas become a reality. We are a certified Magento partner, a supplier of Hyvä themes and have a team of experienced, Magento-certified developers ready to tackle any project.

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