What to Look for in a Magento Development Agency?

What to look for in a Magento Development Agency?

When it comes to building or supporting a Magento website, having the right team to support you is crucial. Professional Magento service providers with extensive knowledge and experience can help ensure a successful development process and yield high returns. Using the following criteria for selecting a qualified Magento development agency can help create a list of highly qualified developers to fulfill your needs.


If Business review sites like Clutch.co and Foursquare can provide valuable insights when selecting a Magento development agency. When searching through reviews, keep in mind agencies that have fulfilled similar projects to yours and have experience in the domain.

Magento Case Studies or Magento Portfolio

A professional portfolio, or case studies, are essential when looking for Magento services. An agency should be able to provide examples of their work without reservation. Through case studies, you can identify how skilled the developers are, creativity, and overall experience.

Certified Magento Developers

To ensure you are hiring a full-service agency that fully knows Magento, be sure to look for Magento certified developers. Magento offers these elite training courses and certifications to high-end developers that understand the domain to the fullest extent. Certifications are only offered through Magento and validate real world skills that developers have gained through their experience.

Certified Magento Partner

To become a Magento certified partner, an agency must be certified for their expertise of Magento and contributions to the development of the platform. For example, Swarming Tech is a solutions partner.

There are three different types of partners: solutions partners, technology partners, and community insiders. 

  • Solutions Partners offer consultation on how to build a customized solution to meet business requirements. 
  • Technology Partners offer software and services that can be integrated into a Magento build.
  • Community Insiders are developers who are certified in the design, integration, and implementation of a Magento website.

On-going Magento Support

Ecommerce website development requires continuous improvement and development. Bugs and technical issues will arise, especially on a complicated domain like Magento. When selecting an agency, ensuring that they will be a lifeline of support for your ecommerce website is vital to its success. While it may seem easy to overlook this aspect, on-going support after launch will keep your website and business running smoothly.

Communication and Transparency

Communication is arguably the most important factor in any successful project. Be sure to hire an agency that has strong, quick communication. In addition, having a level of transparency about developers and expectations of the project is also crucial. On-going communication about the project will be expected during the development process so having an open, comfortable dialogue with the agency will help ensure success.

Development Team Size

When deciding on a Magento developer, team size can play a large role in determining if the agency is a good fit for you and your project. While more developers does not mean better or quicker work, it is important to decide how you want your project handled. With larger teams, more people may be working on the project and you may not have sustained contact with the same developers. With a smaller team, you may be communicating consistently with the same developers and be able to form connections and professional relationships.

What's next?

If you are ready to work with an experienced team of certified Magento developers and a certified Magento solutions partner with an extensive portfolio for your next project, contact the professionals at Swarming today.

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