5 Magento Extensions to Grow Your Ecommerce Footprint in 2021

As your business grows, so should your website, and having an ecommerce platform that can adapt to your changing needs can give you a big advantage over your competition. With Magento’s open-source platform and large developer community, you can capitalize on advanced customization through Magento extensions that can streamline your internal processes and create a more dynamic customer experience. As a Magento development agency, Swarming is here to help you identify which extensions can help you build a strong ecommerce footprint and consistently grow your online business.

Magento Extensions

One of the biggest benefits to operating your ecommerce website on Magento is the large community of developers who consistently contribute to the platform through the creation of Magento extensions. These extensions, or modules as they are often referred to, act as supplements to your base Magento installation and offer custom features designed to enhance both the front-end and back-end functionality of your website. Different from custom coding which can be both expensive and time consuming, Magento extensions are pre-packaged software bundles you can purchase for a fixed price and then install into the Magento codebase for a fraction of the cost and effort. These extensions cater to a wide variety of business needs, and multiple extensions can be implemented into a single Magento installation.

Here are five favorite Magento extensions from our experts:

1. LiveChat (LiveChat)

LiveChat allows merchants to engage with their customers in real time as they browse through the Magento store. With custom triggers that can prompt a chat invitation from any webpage, LiveChat provides a unique, personalized experience to site visitors by offering merchant assistance at any given point of the shopping process, including checkout. The extension’s built-in admin functionality allows merchants to assist multiple customers at a time and tracks each individual conversation through an online ticketing system. The LiveChat extension is completely free, but it does require a monthly service subscription for continued use.

2. Advanced SEO Suite (Mirasvit)

The Advanced SEO Suite Extension by Mirasvit provides a cost effective way to manage the SEO of your website without consulting an outside agency. The extension offers a templated approach to SEO management that can auto-populate critical data into your Magento store by identifying specific content patterns. Auto-populated data options include meta titles, meta keywords, meta descriptions, H1 tags, and more. For items that need a little more finesse, a manual rewrite option is available to create a more custom approach to webpage metadata. Additionally, the Advanced SEO Suite Extension offers user-friendly control over canonical URLs, automatic redirects, and relationship tags for better SEO page rankings and clickthrough rates.

3. Advanced Product Options Suite (Mageworx)

If you have unique products in your online store catalog, the Advanced Product Options Suite Extension by Mageworx may be perfect for your Magento website. This extension enables users to assign an unlimited number of options or variants to each product in the store through the creation of custom templates. Each custom template can then be assigned to multiple products, relieving the time consuming and monotonous task of updating each option on each product individually. The extension also allows users to create custom display options for each product, including swatches to represent the available colors of a product, multiple product images, and custom pricing options including sale and tier pricing. The extension even contains an inventory management feature that can hide products that are currently out of stock.

4. Product Export Feed by Xtento

The Product Export Feed Extension by Xtento is a great way to export your Magento store data to other third-party systems. Whether it’s available products, reviews, or categories, this extension has the ability to create data feeds that can automatically sync to popular online shopping feeds such as Google Shopping, Facebook, eBay, and many more. With nearly 80 out-of-box connectors included, the Product Export Feed Extension is a quick and inexpensive means to showcase your store’s products on a wide variety of online marketplaces. Export files are available in most commonly used data formats (CSV, XLS, XML, etc.), and exports can be set up to run automatically on a schedule of your choosing.

5. Google Invisible reCAPTCHA (Amasty)

The Google Invisible reCAPTCHA Extension by Amasty helps you keep your website security up-to-date without placing any additional burden on your customers. While a standard CAPTCHA triggers a security challenge for website visitors to complete to verify they are not a malicious bot, the Google Invisible reCAPTCHA Extension prevents online shoppers from continuously responding to CAPTCHA challenges by recognizing predetermined types of user activity such as mouse movement and scrolling patterns. The extension can also be customized to recognize recurring users so that only new users are required to complete security challenges. By providing a safe and uninterrupted browsing experience, online shoppers are more likely to remain on your website longer, and you’ll avoid unwanted spam and malicious activity in the process.

As a certified Magento Solution Partner and an active member of the Magento community, Swarming Technology has the experience and expertise to help you find the Magento extensions best suited to your business needs. If you are looking to enhance the functionality of your website and improve your user experience, reach out to the Magento experts at Swarming and our certified Magento developers can help find the right solution for you.

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