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Swarming is excited to announce a partnership with Hyvä themes as a supplier. Since its launch in February, Hyvä has been taking the ecommerce world by storm and has revolutionized how to develop an engaging, interactive user experience on Magento 2. Swarming is thrilled to be one of Hyvä’s first six official suppliers in the United States.

What is Hyvä?

Hyvä’s primary focus is developing easy-to-use themes for Magento 2. These front-end themes aim to reduce complexity and time to market, all while keeping top performance. Hyvä themes offer a great development experience and aim to reduce dependency on JavaScript libraries (Knockout/Require/jQuery), so the technology stack is kept as streamlined and simplistic as possible.

how do hyvä themes work?

Hyvä themes simplify the development experience for the Magento 2 front-end in areas that Magento’s in-house Luma theme does not. Using a completely blank theme, all Hyvä themes are built from scratch. This means all layout.xml, .phtml, and JavaScript have been thrown out. The result: a simpler product that only has two dependencies. Those dependencies by default are Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js.

benefits of hyvä themes

The themes have a variety of benefits because of the simpler configuration and the removal of Magento’s default JavaScript libraries.

  • Performance- Load times are everything with Google's new page speed algorithm. Hyvä themes load extremely fast and can aid in boosting SEO ranking based on mobile page load times.
  • Maintenance- With Magento’s quarterly updates, front-end changes can be difficult to make and take up lots of time. With Hyvä, those changes can be made as needed and on a more relaxed timeline because the Magento updates will rarely disrupt Hyvä themes. Therefore, your ecommerce site can keep functioning with little disruptions. Hyvä utilizes a components-based approach when storing and managing markup files. This means that all of the elements and their specific assets are managed within their own individual file. Using a components-based approach allows for easy upgrades and changes to the storefront without impacting any other parts. Overall, Hyvä reduces the amount of time spent maintaining themes and smoother functionality.
  • Time to Market- Hyvä themes are lean and less complex than using Luma to completely build a front-end output. Developers spend less time battling the inner workings of the theme and can be more confident in the modifications they are making.
  • Improved Developer Experience- Working with Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS has proven to be a simpler, quicker experience than working with Luma. The simplicity of the architecture of Hyvä themes has made it easy for developers to understand and work with. The reduced front-end code and files mean easier debugging and happier developers.

Here at Swarming, our development team has seen first-hand the benefits and ease of working with Hyvä themes. Reach out to the professionals at Swarming today to find out how Hyvä themes can revolutionize your Magento ecommerce website.

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