Swarming Summer 2021 Update from Steve

June Update from Swarming Technology

Hello Swarming Partners,

I hope you are having a great start to your summer. I want to welcome you to the first Swarming monthly email update. Moving forward we are going to be putting out more content to keep you informed. Keep your eye out for monthly updates or stay up to date through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

post pandemic ecommerce

There are still a lot of unknowns still of what this post pandemic world will look like. One thing is for sure though, ecommerce is not going anywhere and has simply taken a larger portion of the commerce pie. Now a lot of businesses may see a decrease in their online business as people return to in-person shopping, but that does not mean they are gone forever.  

Now is the time to really focus on reengagement with your customers and continue to drive traffic and new users to your site. This is something that the team at Swarming has really been working with several customers these last few months. 

Hyväthemes Partnership

With changes to Google PageSpeed’s algorithm back in March, it is very apparent that site performance and load times are even more important to keep driving traffic. This is a major reason why Swarming has partnered with Hyvä themes as a supplier. They have developed a great theme that has proven to optimize site speed on Magento. Keep your eyes on our blogs for more information about Hyvä and what we are seeing!

The team here at Swarming is very excited for the summer months ahead and are hoping to get outside and enjoy it. We all hope you can get out and enjoy it as well. If you aren’t able to get out and enjoy the summer because you are bogged down managing your site, reach out! We’d be more than happy to see how we can make your life a bit easier.



Steve Krezminski | Swarming Technology President

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