Protect Your Business with a Privacy Policy

Protect Your Business with a Privacy Policy

Why do you need a Privacy Policy?

Did you know…
If you have a business in the United States that sells products online, aka an ecommerce website, it is a legal requirement to have a privacy policy? 
Why? Because you are collecting personal information from them on your website. Understand more about ecommerce security and compliance.

Swarming is an ecommerce agency, so we do not specialize in law. However, we highly recommend(and believe) it is in your best interest to review the copy with your lawyer.

However, we do have a few tricks up our sleeves (being web-savvy and all) that can help generate page content for you instead of having your lawyer start entirely from scratch.

We recommend using one of the following privacy policy services:

Hopefully, this will give you a head start on generating these oh so very important documents.

May we also emphasize that every business is unique, and therefore highly discourage copying someone else’s (even if they are in the same industry) privacy policy. Besides, that’s plagiarism.

We also highly encourage you to not rely solely on these “templates” but to review them with your lawyer for your specific needs.

Ok, so… what happens if I don’t have a privacy policy on my site?

Essentially, if you collect any personal information from web users on your site, you will need a privacy policy. If you don’t have one, you are at risk of receiving a fine (which varies from state to state) and overall, it isn’t good for business.

So what about a Terms and Conditions page?

While legally not required to have one, it is often in your best interest to include this page.

Why? This page explains to the user how they interact with your site, limits your liabilities, protects your rights to the content on your site, explains your privacy policy, as well as sets your governing law.

If you by chance happen to find yourself in a legal battle, and the court will review this page… and if well crafted, will uphold in court. For this reason, we highly recommend creating this page content with a lawyer as well.

We hope this provides a basic understanding of these two pages and the importance behind them. While the pages may seem basic, boring and as if no one reads them, they are key in legally protecting your business.

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