Increase Your Holiday Conversion Rate

Increase Your Holiday Conversion Rate

As the holidays are rapidly approaching, we thought we’d share some simple ways for you to optimize your ecommerce store this holiday season. 

Below is a list of tips and tools you can implement on your ecommerce store to help maximize your conversion rate:

  • Optimize for mobile 
    As consumers are shopping more on mobile devices, providing them with a positive user experience is important. Make sure that your site is optimized!
  • Make sure your pages load quickly
    Faster page load times help with search engine rankings (think more traffic) and improve the overall user experience.
  • Integrate social media
    Consumers are more likely to purchase based on recommendations from people they know. Plus, they can easily share your products with others if they are in love it. (Hello free public relations!) Try offering an exclusive sale— or even selling directly on the platform! If you’re on Magento Commerce 2.0 — check out the Magento Social extension.
  • Simplify your Checkout Process. If you don’t already offer, think about adding payment methods such as PayPal.
  • Offer free shipping and promote shipping deadlines for a sense of shopping urgency.
  • Create helpful tip lists, gift guides and other content to establish yourself as an industry leader. Plus, it gives more content for your brand lovers to share on social media or blogs, increasing your brand awareness.
  • ‘Decorate’ your site with holiday promotions or implement a holiday theme on your site. Need an example? Check out one we implemented on
  • If you offer gift cards, promote them as the perfect gift to give or a last-minute gift once shipping deadlines have passed.
  • Turn on cross-sells in your shopping cart.
  • Have a plan in place for repeat customers after the holidays —capture their emails, create a welcome series for new subscribers, utilize abandon cart emails, implement a loyalty rewards program for repeat purchases, and/or create wishlist reminder emails. We also have an awesome extension that connects your Magento store to the IBM Watson Campaign Automation to help you send these types of emails.
  • Offer Store Credit 
    Store credit allows you to offer incentives for your consumers and encourages repeat visits. We created an extension for Magento Open Source — it is available for purchase in the Magento marketplace that is customizable to your brand.
  • Prepare for increased traffic. Speak to your hosting provider to make sure your site can handle the expected increase of customers.
  • Make sure your SSL certificates and domain certificates are not set to expire.

If you would like to implement or learn more about one of these ways to increase your conversion, don’t hesitate to contact Swarming Technology. We’re here to help you maximize the performance of your ecommerce store!

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