9 Ways to Optimize BigCommerce Ecommerce Sales

BigCommerce Ecommerce Sales

BigCommerce is a versatile platform that can scale alongside your ecommerce business. By utilizing some of the out-of-box features of BigCommerce, you can accelerate your merchant sales and move your ecommerce business up to the next level of growth.  Below is a list of 9 methods you can use to optimize your ecommerce sales through the BigCommerce platform.

1. Modernize Your Merchandising on BigCommerce to Optimize Conversions

BigCommerce does not require coding to make website changes, so your store can be up and running faster. Simplifying the path-to-purchase using BigCommerce’s smart search technology will increase user experience and streamline ecommerce conversions. Another aspect of modernizing merchandising is to personalize the buying experience by delivering relevant content. Lastly, another way to modernize your merchandising is to leverage machine learning to understand customer behavior and strategically enhance their experience.

2. Customize Your BigCommerce Storefront with a Drag-and-Drop Editing Tool

By providing a unique shopping experience, you can take your ecommerce sales to the next level with custom branding. Creating custom-tailored pages for your customers will help establish a brand for your business. In addition, BigCommerce has preview features that allow you to see changes before publishing so you can have the perfect look. Modern, custom branding helps customers recognize your brand and keep them coming back. Your website is a large point of contact with customers, so custom theming and branding are essential to increasing conversions and establishing your business over competitors.

3. BigCommerce Secure Payments Offer Shopper Security

The BigCommerce Payment Gateway feature provides your customers with the security and confidence they need. By offering the payment methods your customers are looking for, you can ensure the purchase will go all the way through. BigCommerce can aid in leveraging multi-currency transactions to expand your customer base. Overall, secure payments ensure more conversions for your business.

4. create a Unified Shopping Experience on  BigCommerce

BigCommerce admin tools allow for systematic management of products across local and global channels. Not only does this increase reach, but it also allows you to manage business processes with ease. For example, this tool can maximize ad spend by organizing ads across multiple platforms in one convenient location. Having one location to manage ads makes it easy to adjust ads to see the most return. These management tools can ensure a wide reach and a unified shopping experience for your customers. Streamlining the management of products and ad campaigns across all channels can increase productivity, save time, and improve return.

5. Optimize SEO on BigCommerce to Stay Relevant Over Competitors

In today’s world, SEO is critical to ensuring that your business is staying at the top of internet searches. The platform has many features that automatically optimize your site, including page architecture and navigation, title tags and meta descriptions, and optimized URL structure through 301 redirects and URL rewrites. In addition, BigCommerce’s best in class SEO offering also has Robot.txt access, as well as CDN and image optimization. Lastly, BigCommerce also has features to optimize specifically for Google, such as AMP optimization for faster load times and enhanced canonical tagging for better indexing. All of these features combine to create an advanced SEO optimization tool that allows the user to control page speed load time, indexing, keywords, and all aspects to optimize SEO for your ecommerce website.

6. Use BigCommere Abandoned Cart Saver to Recover Lost Sales

While often neglected, abandoned carts represent a significant source of additional revenue for your business.  BigCommerce can help recover as much as 15% of lost sales by sending targeted emails to customers who abandon their shopping cart during their user session. These emails are fully customizable to add branding to your ecommerce business and encourage sales. This tool allows you to bring in those lost sales and increase your overall customer lifetime value.

7. BigCommerce Faceted Search Improves Search Relevance and Boosts Conversions

This feature takes the features of your product offerings and creates a dynamic search tool using filters such as attributes, size, color, and more. The tool also allows customers to set custom search criteria to ensure they are always finding what they need. BigCommerce’s faceted search tool uses dynamic filtering to create a rich experience for customers. A positive experience for customers is crucial to growing your business.

8. BigCommerce Built-in Discounting Can Win Over New and Existing Customers

Who doesn’t love shopping a good sale? Keep your customers clicking “Add to cart” with coupon codes, promotions, group discounts, sales prices, and abandoned cart promos. The built-in discounting feature allows you to set up your discounts with just a few clicks, as well as change them as needed. All discounts are fully customizable to create the perfect deal for you and your customers.

9. BigCommerce Omnichannel Ecommerce Allows Integration With Third-Party POS Providers

More channels mean more sales! The omnichannel ecommerce feature allows you to sell socially through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more. It also enables you to sell through marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Having a streamlined tool to manage multiple channels can increase sales without extra hassle.

BigCommerce can help accelerate merchant sales through management and marketing tools. If you are ready to grow your ecommerce business, reach out to the BigCommerce experts at Swarming Technology.

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