What are the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

ShopifyPlus vs Shopify

What is the difference between shopify and shopify plus?

Shopify is trusted by over 1,700,000 businesses for their ecommerce services. They offer a variety of packages for businesses of all sizes to start, grow, and manage a successful ecommerce business. Shopify provides everything you need to create and customize your online store. However, when it comes to determining whether Shopify or Shopify Plus is right for your business, we’ve got you covered.

What is Shopify Plus?

If you're already familiar with Shopify, then you’ll love Shopify Plus. It uses the same user-friendly dashboard, editor, and help center. However, Shopify Plus takes everything a step further with additional customization for the best optimization of your ecommerce business. For example, Shopify Plus has a feature that allows a shipping script to calculate specific rates, whereas, Shopify allows the choice between free shipping, flat rate, or live calculation.

What are the Shopify Plus upgrade features?

While Shopify Plus contains all of the same features that Shopify offers, it also has significantly increased capabilities within these features.

API Access

While all Shopify packages have API access, Shopify Plus has an increased API call that’s especially helpful for merchants with high volumes of requests. This allows for the seamless integration of third-party ERP systems, the management of gift cards, control over user accounts, and the integration and merging of credentials from other sites.

Design Flexibility

Shopify Plus comes with exclusive design customization. There are currently 60 themes that can be tailored to meet the needs of any ecommerce store. With this customization comes the ability to finetune your website using Shopify’s code, known as Liquid. Liquid has its own guide to allow for easy coding to create high-level customizations. Shopify Plus also allows the design of the checkout page, whereas Shopify’s basic plans do not offer that function.


This exclusive app can schedule and monitor sales, releases and content changes. Launchpad is an automation system that manages workflow and has an included analytics dashboard. Not only will Launchpad run valuable reports, but aid in making better business decisions. Launchpad works best for:

  • Product launches
  • Campaign organization and management
  • Running discounts on specific products


Flow is an all-inclusive automation application only available to Shopify Plus users. Flow automates business functions such as: 

  • Order management
  • Risk management
  • Inventory
  • Marketing
  • Customer support

Flow allows for users to create custom workflows to put valuable time back in their schedule and reduce menial tasks.


To support high traffic and large sales, Shopify Plus gives users unlimited bandwidth. In addition, users are also given 200TB of storage to support traffic and large numbers of products. Unlimited bandwidth can ensure a superior user experience for your ecommerce store.

Script editor

Script Editor, another exclusive app with Shopify Plus, allows for easy changes to shipping and the ability to offer discounts. This app has the potential to create exclusive offers to customers that can increase the average price per order significantly. Script Editor allows:

  • Product bundles
  • Bogo offers
  • Special deals for large orders
  • Deals to customers with high value

How do I know if Shopify Plus is right for my business?

If your business is steadily growing but running into feature bottlenecks or data constraints, it might make sense to upgrade to Shopify Plus. Reach out to the ecommerce experts at Swarming today to learn if a move to Shopify Plus makes sense for your business.

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