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Swarming Technology is more than just an e-commerce company. We're digital architects who build IT infrastructures for businesses of all kinds and sizes. We’re also idea generators and problem solvers who create solutions to complex problems. Our in-house team of creatives, strategists, project managers, and technical gurus are dedicated to making hard work pay off. We exist to to create a place where employees and clients can continuously grow

Our Core Values

We are master problem solvers

Solving problems is in our DNA. We genuinely enjoy the challenge of solving difficult and novel problems, whether it be through the application of our expertise, the methodical process of elimination, or our ingenuity. 

We are diligent

Being diligent means providing solutions that are well thought through, thorough, perform as intended, and are properly documented. It is important that we make good decisions most of the time, and when we do make mistakes, we learn from them, course correct, and demonstrate improved accuracy over time.

We are truthful

We believe in always doing the right thing for our clients, employees, partners, and contractors. Integrity and honesty are principles we live by, even in the face of the most challenging circumstances. When making technology and solution recommendations for our clients, we treat their money as if it were our own. 

We deliver results

We insist that our work meets our high standards and is delivered on time. We don’t take shortcuts, nor do we expect someone to intervene to ensure that our work meets expectations.

We communicate clearly, professionally, and reliably

Delivering complex technical solutions across multiple teams is challenging and requires a high level of communication and coordination. When communicating internally and with our clients, we use appropriate communication given the situation.

We are passionate about learning and sharing knowledge

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our skills and our craft. We seek out new ways to more effectively accomplish our work and take the initiative to learn and share our knowledge with others.

Our Team


Ian Baxter

Founder & CTO
12 years

Andy Krystowiak

Chief Executive Officer
8 years

Germaine Krystowiak

Chief Marketing Officer
2 years

Josh Cairney

Head of Frontend Development
10 years

Kaitlin Lewis

PMO Lead
9 years

Kris Wagner

Office Manager & A/R Specialist
8 years

Jon Colas

Engineering Lead
6 years

Oleksandr Tykhonov

Senior Backend Developer
5 years


Jonathan Willingham

Jonathan Willingham

Full-stack Software Engineer
1 year
Chad Davis

Chad Davis

Solutions Architect
1 year
Michael Wu

Michael Wu

Senior Project Manager
1 year

We are certified experts.

14x Adobe Commerce Certifications

8x Shopify Certifications

6x BigCommerce Certifications

Meet Our Partners

Our partners span the globe and represent a diverse range of organizations and businesses. We work together to build thriving communities.

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